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Friday, October 10, 2003

The Stupid OpenWiki

Because of the free server is so unstable, I'm trying to setup my own at home. For that I applied minghong.no-ip.com. Apparently it now points to my router. LOL... But then, I found out that OpenWiki doesn't work well on chinese traditional windows... T__T

e.g. I found that this doesn't work: * [http://www.dot.com Dot] It seems when I mixed several formatting element together, it'll cause a "undetermined string constant" error... The line which cause the error is Execute( "Call " & some_string )... Of course the name is not some_string... Well, should I get an English windows just because of that?

p.s. When I post this message, I notice that the Blogger display correct, with image and css which are linked to the ASP server. Does that mean the server is coming back? Or it's just a cache in the proxy server?