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Friday, October 31, 2003

The Unreliable Dynamic DNS

No-IP.com was not working at Wed. Part of its services fail, hence I couldn't access my server using the name "minghong.no-ip.com". Therefore, I went to DynDNS immediately and sign up for another name "minghong.dyndns.org".

At that night, I installed a third-party dynamic DNS updater called DirectUpdate. It seemed to work properly.

But when I returned to office today (Thu), I could only access the server sometimes, while the other time I got the Error 403 message which said that "Access denied by access control list". There should be some problem in my setting, or between that software and ISP. I tried different setting. It looked ok in my LAN. But people outside my LAN still couldn't access the server.

Now I've installed another client called DynSite. Hope it works. T__T