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Saturday, November 15, 2003

An Exciting Day

Today we found a very interesting Wiki: UseModWiki. Although it is a file-based Wiki and doesn't look so good at the first glance, it is actually very powerful (compared with the other Wiki in Perl)! Some highlighted features: preview, subpages, interwiki, page redirection, edit conflict detection and resolution, free link, page index, etc.

Then I found a UseModWiki Korean Extension, which is EVEN BETTER! It adds things like double-click edit, orphaned pages, wanted pages, syntax highlighting of program code, emoticon, etc.

The only thing that is not so good is that the UseModWiki consists of mainly one file only! @__@ wtf... But anyway, we'd probably use it to replace our exisiting Wiki which is so rubbish.

We also had a great meeting with Miss Mong. Now seem everyone got his target.

The database lecture after the meeting is again very good. Tonight's topic is skyline retrieval. Again, R-tree plays an important role in this kind of queue. This data structure and its related algorithms are so amazing! Hmm... I think my interest in such topic is increased a bit.