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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Big names join forces for better plugins

Mozilla, Opera, Apple, Macromedia and Sun have just announced that a series of changes will be made on the legacy plugin API known as Netscape Plugin Application Program Interface (NPAPI). The new scriptable plugin interface will allow web developers to offer richer web browsing experiences (more securely and efficiently), and helping to maintain innovation and standards on the web.

Announcements go here:

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Hey, surpringly Adobe is not there... Does that mean that it doesn't want to develope its own Adobe SVG Viewer anymore? I think so since the version 3 of the Adboe SVG Viewer plugin is way back to Nov 2001...

Let's hope that all the modern browsers will have native/plugin support of the W3C SVG (Mozilla's native SVG support is not enabled in any official builds).

Edited: Look like Adobe has joined the alliance as Mozilla's announcement is updated with the name "Adobe". So it should be true. Good to see that the "axis of evil" are not there? :-P


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