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Saturday, July 17, 2004

New bugs (or features) in Blogger's new editor

I found that Blogger's new rich text editor will inserts newlines (which means <br>s) in regular interval.

I think that it is a bug, but maybe it is a feature to prevent a paragraph from spanning too wide... (hence preventing your head/eyes from moving horizontally). However, IMO, it should be controlled by CSS and template.

Another feature that I don't like is that it inserts <span>s with CSS, instead of using <strong>s and <em>s (like Mozilla Composer), which I don't like too...

Yet another bug/feature is that each paragraph is begun with an extra space. Although it doesn't affect how the document is rendered, but it is kidda weird to me.

Guess I'll stick with the old <textarea> editor. :-P


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