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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ubiquitous XML Feeds

I knew that Opera now has RSS support and the upcoming Safari will also have tight integration with RSS. Actually, RSS seems to be so important to Apple that the name of the browser will be renamed to "Safari RSS". Kinda stupid, isn't it? :-P

But what I didn't know an hour ago was that our beloved Ben Goodger had just added a cool feature called Livemarks to the nightlies since 2004-07-08.

If Firefox encounters webpages with <link>s to the XML feeds (both RSS and Atom), a small icon will be displayed on the status bar so that the feeds can be added to the Livemarks.

XML feeds added to the Livemarks are then shown in menus similar to that of bookmarks. You are encouraged to take a look of the screenshots taken by Cheah Chu Yeow if you are curious about this.

No more bloglines.com. No more Mozilla/Firefox extensions like Saga and RSS Reader Panel. No more external feed readers. Firefox will manage them all for you.

Go Go Firefox! You gotta take back the web!


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  • At 7/17/2004 10:41:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    actually, Safari will not change it's name. Safari RSS is kind of a marketing gimmick to demonstrate added features. take a look at the screenshots on apple's website and the posts on dave hyatt's blog, it's still just Safari.


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