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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Spider in the Sky/madlax

Recently I have started playing Spiderman 2 the Game. It is a third-person action game like Tomb Raider (without the puzzle-solving part). The game is quite nice because it runs nicely on my sloooooow PIII computer (as smooth as Tomb Raider 5 or below). Of course I didn't turn many of the effects on (e.g. shadowing). Also the detail levels are set as normal or low. :-(

For instance, all the levels that I played took place in the New York City (Manhattan, to be exactly). The city is beautiful. I can crawl on any surfaces, swing between buildings, and even commit suicide by jumping out of the city:

I can do that because the city was transformed into Laputa (the buildings are floating on the sky) by the evil Doc Ock.

When I was playing that level (and the level after it), I occasionally heard someone shouting Put me down! and I gotta be sick!. Finally I found some criminals are being left at the top of some buildings. No wonder they are shouting like that. I, as a hero, immediately release them: by killing them. Hee...

The game is actually quite easy (too easy) as what you need to do is to follow the instruction: follow the arrow that indicates where to do; follow the flashing light to unlock the door or defuse the bomb; etc.

Edited: It is not that easy... The boss in the third Laputa level is quite strong... It keeps throwing rocks to me... Help...!


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