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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

BiDi and CSS

Currently I'm developing a web application that supports localization (via custom DTD). While substituting text is simple and easy, creating a BiDi-friendly CSS-based layout seems to be impossible.

In CSS, there are handy properties like margin, padding and bording, but they have to be specified as top, right, bottom and left. These properties do not have BiDi in mind. Let's take a look of the following example:

ما هي الشفرة الموحدة "يونِكود" ؟

Ideally, there should be something like border-start, so that the red margin will always appear next to the first character. However, we don't have any choice since we can only specify the border as either left or right.

The use of start and end can be seem in XUL, like the attribute crop. Note that the value left and right were deprecated in flavor of start and end.

I wonder if there is any workaround. (or maybe I didn't understand CSS completely? :-P)


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