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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Firefox T-shirts received

Today I went to the post office to receive my gift. It turned out that it is not the coin (yet), but the T-shirts that Marcia previously told me in the email.

The package is quite bulky. It seems that the sticker that she mentioned is used on the package XD. It doesn't seem to be reusable. But I don't mind anyway.

Package (front) Package (back)

The package contains two blue Firefox T-shirts: one small-sized and one medium-sized:

T-shirt (S and M)

And this is how it looks:

T-shirt (front) T-shirt (back)

It seems that the T-shirts received differ the one from the Mozilla Store a little bit. Take a look of the back, the Mozilla Store product image doesn't have the extra space between the word Get and Firefox.com:

T-shirt comparison

The medium-sized one is more comfortable, but small-sized one still fit me. :-P Here is a picture of me wearing the former one:

Me wearing the T-shirt

Too bad that the semester is just ended. But maybe I still have a few chances to wear it during revision period and exam. :-)

P.S. If anyone I know want to have the small-sized one, tell me. But probably only girls can wear it as most boys are taller and/or fatter. :-P


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