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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Money burning… Completed!

I bought the remaining parts of The Twelve Kingdoms yesterday. These covers the parts not mentioned in the corresponding anime series. The books include:

  1. 圖南之翼 – 關於十二歲的少女恭王
  2. 黃昏之岸‧曉之天 – 關於失跡的泰麒和泰王
  3. 華胥之幽夢 – 關於采麟(就是那個老婆婆采王的麒麟)
  4. 魔性之子 – 十二國記的前傳,關於再度流落日本的高里要(泰麒)[already covered in anime, at least partially]

I'm looking forward. :-)


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