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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Are Application Developers Stupid?

I've been using OpenWiki for nearly 2 months. But I just realize how stupid the author is: there is no index in his database design!!! Also, there are only 2 foreign key constricts (But there are 8 tables!). Actually I knew about this already quite a long time ago. But I didn't make any change as I didn't know what will happen if I altered the design.

However, after creating the indexes tonight, Wiki looks running faster! I think if I use database other than MS Access, the improvement should be more obvious. (^-^)

Maybe all application developers who work with database should take a database course mandatory, so that they will know how B-trees and R-trees (and other indexes as well) can help them improve query performance when the queries only select a small percentage of rows in a table, just like the case in Wiki.