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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

My First ATM Friend

Today I was waked up by a phone call. When I pick up the phone, no one answered. So I went back to sleep (immediately :-P).

But just a few minutes later, someone called me again. Like the first call, no one answered. I took a look of the call register and found out it was called from 2273-4635. I have no idea who he/she/it is.

So I dialed that number. After connected, I heard nothing but some sound like the modem machine!

I was so confused. OK, let's me Google about it. Know what? It is an ATM machine (FAX line) at Olympian City Branch (奧海城分行), owned by The Bank of East Asia (東亞銀行)...!!!

Life is just amazing... @.@::::


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