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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Winstripe is COOL~

After reading those annoying complaints about changing the default theme for Firefox 0.9, I installed the official nightly build 20040607 on one of my machines (OK, I know the release candidate should be out tomorrow and final should be out next Monday, but I just can't wait... =P). The new Firefox didn't depress me...

When you just started the freshly installed Firefox, it'll import your IE stuffs (preference, history, cockies, etc) to your Firefox profile (Like it or not, I can't find an option to turn it off...).

Unlike the current setting, the default setting of this nightly build is to use "normal" size icons. I found them look too big:

Firefox in Winstripe theme (big icon)

Fortunately one can always customize and use "small" icons instead, which now looks MUCH better:

Firefox in Winstripe theme (small icon)

The new theme DO blend with Windows nicely (at least Windows Classic, I didn't (and can't) try Luna as I do NOT use Windows XP).

OK, be patient. Firefox 0.9 will be out very very soon!


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  • At 6/10/2004 02:48:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why Winstripe sucks:

    - The icons are too small: the Qute small icons are as big as the Winstripe large icons. This sucks for people with large resolutions or inexperienced computer users (for whom larger buttons are easier to click). If I want small, I'll pick small. I don't want mini-icons cos I don't use 640x480.

    - The icons have a flat, in-your-face perspective. While this is common on the Mac, this is not the right style for Windows. Even in Win2K, perspective was used. And even with an up-front perspective, the icons on the mac have depth, while the winstripe ones don't.

    - The designers are mac people, used to the mac environment. I'm not saying this disqualifies them for designing the theme, but it's a negative.

    When a major part of the community screams 'ugly', this should be a warning sign. Don't trust geeks to judge design and color. I mean, ffs, Mozilla still comes with that hideous Netscape 4 theme!


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