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Friday, July 02, 2004

Civil War in Hong Kong?

I've been watching Madlax recently. The story takes place in Gazth-Sonika (噶扎索尼卡), a mysterious country under civil war. "Madlax" is a young lady working as an underground special agent in Gazth-Sonika.

For people who are living in Hong Kong (or have been Hong Kong), you should undoubtedly be able to recognize these famous scenes in Hong Kong...

On your left, the famous circular over-bridge in Causeway bay (銅鑼灣):

On your right, Central Plaza (中環廣場), one of the skyscrapers in the Hong Kong Island:

Madlax surely knows where to live (what a great view!):

By the way, I found some episode guides of Madlax. Don't read it unnecessary you have watched the anime yourself. You are warned:

For me, I got the anime from Popgo's Anime Server #2.

Actually, there are many anime with scenes of Hong Kong. For example, Ghost In The Shell (攻殻機動隊) the Movie. You can see the Pottinger Street (石板街), banner of Sin Hua Bank (新華銀行) and the Tram (電車). The movie clip is available as QuickTime (49.3MB) or MPEG (120MB) format. Take a look. It worths!


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