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Monday, August 23, 2004

Introducing FiredFolk

Say hello to FiredFolk 1.0, the cut-down version of FireFox 0.9 with many useful features removed (and with many annoying features added)!

FiredFolk will have an new find toolbar and a popup information bar. But that's not all!

You will be happy to see view source, JavaScript console, and stylesheet switcher removed! These are the things that you NEVER need, right? We thought we did something right...

OK. End of joke.

The new additions are ok because the new find toolbar will not prevent us from finding as we type, and the information bar can be disabled.

We are happy to see that view source and JavaScript console will stay (at least for 1.0). But well... not sure about the stylesheet switcher, as Asa hasn't responsed yet. Let's give him some time to explain...

P.S. Isn't that Firefox 0.9 Feature complete? I'm afraid that if thing goes worse, I'll have to switch back to Mozilla suite. And oh yeah I'm one of those guys who subscribe to For The Record (a Mozilla community press response initiative), so don't flame me...


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  • At 8/23/2004 02:42:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "You will be happy to see view source, JavaScript console, and stylesheet switcher removed!"

    Not removed -- moved. A big difference. :-)

    They're moved to the developer version of Firefox, since they don't think non-developers are interested in playing around with e.g. the Javascript console.

  • At 8/23/2004 06:23:00 pm, Blogger minghong said…

    Not really "moved": keybroad shortcut of Ctrl + U and protocol handler of "view-source:" and "javascript:" has existed for a long long time.

    Removing them from the context menus is just like removing the front door: you need to enter the house using the back door. It is inconvenience, confusing and more time consuming, not to mention that not everyone know these tricks...

    Also, to view selection source, this would result in: Highlighting with mouse/keyboard > View > View Selection Source, which requires a significant amount of mouse movement.

    This would just make Firefox less usable. Fortunately that it is not going to happen. :-D


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