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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Firefox 1.0 PR Preview

As Asa said the 2004-09-10 build is most likely the candidate for Firefox 1.0 PR, I've given it a little try.

Before upgrading, I did a semi-clean uninstallation: uninstall the program, but kept the application directory. In this way, I can keep the plugins and extensions that reside in the application directory.

When I launched Firefox for the first time, it told me that some of my favorite extensions are not working:

The checking function is not working. It tolds me no update was found. Fortunately, the extension authors had already updated their code in their homepages. So there is no big deal: just go to their homepages (instead of u.m.o) for installation.

This is how it looks:

Some interesting findings in this Firefox build:

  1. Some changes in the Winstripe theme: the small icons are much smaller, and the close button is more 3D.
  2. The stylesheet switcher is gone, but one can still change stylesheet under View > Page Style (i.e. like Mozilla Suite). Updated: SSS is back in Firefox 1.0!
  3. The orange RSS icon for Live Bookmark.
  4. Promote Firefox under the Help menu. But the website is not available yet.
  5. XPI blocking (i.e. websites cannot install extensions on your Firefox unless you give it permission to do so). Surprisingly, u.m.o, mozilla.org and mozdev.org are NOT in the whitelist... XD
There are (at least) two security enhancements:
  1. For secure sites (i.e. https), the background color of the location bar will change to yellow:

  2. Also, the domain name of the secure site will appear as the botton of the window:

  3. For window opened with JavaScript, an non-removable and non-editable location/status bar will always reside on the top/botton of the window:

And if you care, this is the current user agent string: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20040910 Firefox/0.10 (For Windows XP, it will be Windows NT 5.1, instead of Windows NT 5.0). See what people say about this Firefox build:


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