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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Major changes to MoFo

It is really interesting...

  • Ben Goodger, the Engineering Lead of Firefox, is now employed by Google.
  • Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation's President and employee of OSAF, will return to working on the Mozilla project full time.
  • Stuart "pavlov" Parmenter, an Oracle employee, is now working on Mozilla Calendar.

I don't really get it. Why do some companies pay their employees to do things for MoFo? They won't have a say on the Mozilla projects because of the policy on Module Owners and Ownership. Maybe these companies are really foreseeing the future...

These are not the only cases: IBM, Novell, Sun, Red Hat, Oracle and now Google have employees contributing to the Mozilla project -- some dedicated, some part time, and some as individual contributors. Having multiple companies offer jobs to key Mozilla figures has long been a part of our view of a successful project and we've traditionally worked closely with companies whose employees contribute to the Mozilla project..

Read more about the clarifications by Mitchell. And these are the news:

Updated: yet another guy joined Google. I'd like to quote what Asa said:

Before going to Google, Darin was employed by IBM to work on Mozilla, and before that, by Netscape/AOL.

What an interesting development ecosystem we have, where you can have three successive employers each interested in funding your work on Mozilla.


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