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Friday, April 08, 2005

Angle Soft wants you

I got an exciting (yet disappointing to me) email from Angle Soft, which is now looking for XUL expert(s) from the New York City:

Hi Ming,

I saw your application on XUL Planet.  Very nice.  Since you're working on
this stuff, I thought you might be able to help me.  My team is currently
embarking on a rather ambitious XUL application.  My guys are pretty capable
at becoming great at any technology given enough time, but given that I
don't EVER have enough time, we could really use someone with some strong
XUL/RDF/Javascript experience.

Problem being, we're in NYC and finding someone like this is proving nearly
impossible.  It's a good gig.  I can pay good rates and we've got good agile
methodologies.  Do you know of anyone playing with this stuff who's looking
to get paid to play?  Obviously, I'd consider you for an internship or
something similar, but I really need someone in the city.

If you know someone who'd be interested, let me know.  I've attached a job
description.  Feel free to post it/pass it along at will.  And thanks for
your help.  It looks like you're doing some really great stuff.



Ryan Janssen
VP Product Development
AngelSoft, LLC.

e: ryan (at) angelsoft [dot] net
p: 212.230.9823
m: 917.434.7482
f: 212.230.9886

The original attachment is in Word format. I've converted it into HTML format so that it would be more accessible:

We are a NYC-based, startup Application Service Provider that needs a senior software engineer, preferably with significant experience developing client applications. We are building the client using the Mozilla Foundation's XUL platform, so any direct experience with XUL would be a huge plus.

You will be joining a small, world-class team of software engineers, designers, and information architects. We are a progressive team that uses the latest in open source technologies in our development environment (Eclipse, Maven, Confluence, and Jira) and for our frameworks (Spring, Webwork, Hibernate, and Velocity). We take a pragmatic, agile approach to software development.

The engineer we are seeking should have the following technical qualifications:

  1. At least 6 years of heavy-duty programming experience using Java or C++.
  2. Client-side programming experience, including a minimum of 2 years experience using DHTML or XUL.
  3. Be an expert in Javascript.
  4. Have familiarity with RDF XML.
  5. Be an expert in XML technologies (XPath/XML Schema/XSLT).
  6. Be an expert in developing rich, dynamic DHTML or XUL business applications.
  7. Be an expert in W3C or Gecko DOM model.
  8. Be an expert in CSS, with specific expertise in dynamic layout of html content.

This person must also:

  1. Understand and enjoy the unique pressures and rewards of working at a startup company and owning a product from day one.
  2. Live in New York City.
  3. Be prepared to begin work on this project within the next 4 weeks.

We are committed to building a GREAT company. For the right applicant, we are willing to offer:

  1. A competitive compensation package (as a consultant to begin with, leading to full-time employment).
  2. A supportive, financially sound environment.
  3. A great deal of creative control.
  4. An opportunity to work with a team committed to building great software and having fun doing it.

Only qualified applicants should respond to this position by emailing their resumes to ryan [at] angelsoft (dot) net.

P.S. All those email addresses were hiden by me. By the way, I wonder if there is any company in Hong Kong/China that wants to hire me? ;-) An internship would be nice, but a full-time job would be even better.


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  • At 4/10/2005 06:43:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    而家好多工啦. 不過多數都係 PHP, .Net 同 J2EE 囉. 你想做 XUL 哩 D 野, 香港好少公司做喇, 香港科技不嬲都慢人三、五年, 除非你自己開間公司啦.


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