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Friday, May 20, 2005

My browser is "outdated"

Today, when I visited the Netscape website, I got this ridiculous message:

ALERT: Your Current Browser Is Outdated

And I was using Firefox 1.0.4 (Netscape 8 is based on Firefox 1.0.3). So, which is the outdated one? ;-)

I'd recommend the web master to revise that page as follow:

ALERT: Stick With You Browser

Five Reasons To Stay Away

  1. Netscape Browser 8.0 provides more security holes than any other browser (at least both holes from Internet Explorer and Firefox).
  2. 8.0 displays websites with the buggy Internet Explorer for the list of known websites in the whitelist.
  3. Tabbed browsing has been manipulated so Netscape will spam you with 7 to 8 webpages on startup.
  4. Multibar gives you one click access to unwanted information and taking up your valuable screen space.
  5. To optimize your user experience, there are even triply nested tabs in the option panel.


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