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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Great Lessons from CM Hui

I've learnt much about gcc/g++ from CM Hui, a great admin in CS Lab. These includes the debugging technique like the use of nm - an utility for displaying the names in an object file (type "man nm" in your *nix console if you don't know what it is); the linking process and the makefile. This makes me much easiler to trace for the cause of the "undefined reference to XXX" problem.

Now I know how to add and modify and library in C/C++. Yeah!

I believe that as a CS student, there are some basic knowledge that should be known in Year 1. But... sigh... feel shame on myself for not knowing these... =__=

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Blogger Ad Remover?

I found a simple code to "remove" the Blogger Ad. More precisely, it doesn't remove the Ad, but create a DIV on top of the Ad (cover it). You may like to try it, but use it at your own risk because this is against your terms of service!

No Ad code!! for ANY blog, by may*star

HTML Trick?!

I have been bothered by the ugly chinese font in Linux for these few days... Mozilla keep using the ugly monospace chinese font for rendering the English letters. It didn't use the beautiful font that I specified in the CSS. But then finally I "discovered" a little trick in HTML so that my page can be rendered correctly in Mozilla (in Linux) - add the "lang" attribute in the HTML tag! I found this magic trick from the AWStats that I used. The AWStats shows the chinese characters beautifully, so I read its source code immediately and found this attribute after several testings.

I'm not true if it confirms to the W3C XHTML standard... but at least it passes the almighty W3C HTML Validator.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Exploring and Unifing

In this christmas holiday, I had been installing and trying Linux. I was trying to use Linux as a desktop platform. It seems ok. I made my Linux as a bilingual Linux with English as the major language. You might like to visit this site.

I'm switching my website (Wiki and this Blog) to Unicode. Due this process, some characters might not be correctly encoded. So... please be patient. ^^:

Friday, December 19, 2003

Sigh... =__=

Tonight I have taken the DB exam. Sigh... I found many mistakes already. Hope it won't be too bad...

By the way, I discovered that the Lego Mindstorm motor has one unexpected function! If you connect one motor with another motor (using a wire), you can turn that motor by turning the axis of another motor! (Yup... I knew that is a simple physical fact, but that's so interesting.) I have no idea that the electrity generated by me can be that great... *o*

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


I found the offical website for the character Kikkoman (醤油戦士). That's sooooo funny... A MUST see!


Monday, December 01, 2003

Wiki Refreshed

In these few days, I've done several major changes to my Wiki:

  • Burnt all GIFs. This action is to support the Burn All GIFs campaign, and to support the PNG (pronounced as "ping"), the revolutionary image format that is going to rules to world wide web.
  • Added some more smilies. Actually some are not smilies, but some Mozilla cliparts. r(^^:)
  • Reorganized and renamed some of my Wiki pages.

Now I think my Wiki looks better... Y(^_^)Y