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Friday, May 14, 2004

Firebird is just so cool...

No, I'm not talking about Mozilla Firebird (although it IS a cool browser), but Firebird database. It was formerly known as InterBase.

Some of the most impressive features:

  • Similar to PostgreSQL, it is Oracle-like.
  • Like MySQL, it is open-source and available to Linux, Windows, and UNIX.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Like Access, the database file is very portable (only a single .fdb file).
  • It can run in 3 modes: classic mode (dedicated server), super server mode (shared server) and embedded mode (for desktop applications, like Access).
  • Support most subset of ANSI SQL-92.
  • Support of unicode (UTF-8 I think...).
  • Everything you expected to see in a serious DBMS: ACID, subqueries, views, triggers, stored procedures, domains, system tables, and some Firebird-specific objects.

I've tested it under windows and it works very well. There are many contributed freeware. I have only tried one: MiTeC InterBase Query, which is so lean that it fits into a floppy! No need to install... Cool~

If interested, download and install it so as to experience how easy it is. Just follow this quickstart guide.


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