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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Am I slashdotted?

Because of my comment at Chris' Corner about Review of new Firefox theme and the June 7th build, my blog's traffic was suddenly increased by N-folds. Take a look of the page view: Page view at Tue is about 150, where the usual rate is about 25

And here are the referrers:

7 out of 10 most recent referrers are from Chris' Corner

AWStats, which keeps track of my wiki's traffic, also indicates a hit rate of 1351 for my blog entry (the table header is added by me):

External pagePage viewPage hit
- http://minghong.blogspot.com/2004/06/winstripe-is-cool.html71351

Because images used in this blog are put in the server of my wiki, the page view and hit rate are not equal...

Apparantly this is driving my IIS server a litte bit crazy. So files like CSS and images sometimes can not be delivered to your correctly. I'm sorry for any inconvience... ^^::

P.S. Unfortunately, no one leave a single comment to me, and there is only one trackback of "I hate Winstripe"... T___T


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