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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Welcome to Darwin!

Thanks to this comment, the mystery of Madlax Operating Systems is revealed:

Here is a text version if you can't see very clearly:

Welcome to Darwin!
X-11 Window Systems : manufactured by BOOKWORLD co. ltd
TVC-BSD6.2.1 (C)2011 TAAVIC co. ltd

Last Login:wed July 12 23:48:47 on tty01

[annu:~] annu% su

annu:/Users/annu  root# ********************

I can't really see some of the charcters on the third and fifth lines. TVC-BSD6, TAAVIC and tty01 (tty must be correct) are just my guess... I'm looking forward for any corrections...


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  • At 8/20/2004 11:07:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Since you wanted corrections:
    It's ttyp1 not tty01 so it's a pseudo terminal driver [see also man pty(4)]. Maybe a remote login. It's also "System" not "Systems". The scene is probably set ns in 2017 as you can verify with this:

    $ date -r $((1310600000 + 6*365*24*3600))
    Wed Jul 12 01:33:20 CEST 2017

    This date is also a Wednesday in 2006 but that wouldn't match copyright information. Of course, it could be any later date too. Last but not least, it's BOOKWALD not BOOKWORLD. "Wald" is actually the German word for forest, the complete word in German would be "B├╝cherwald". That's not a real word but
    it can be used as a metaphor for a library or a huge collection of books. I guess it refers in some strange way to the three books firstary, secondary and thirstary. No idea, if that's a joke or whether Beetrain has no dictionary because it should be primary, secondary and tertiary. It's pretty funny along with the R vs. L confusion, though. ;) Limelda? Rimerda? Limerda? Rimelda? Leticia? Reticia? Margalet? Margaret? [...]

    Well, at least they stick to Madlax in favour of Madrax.


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