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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Firefox 1.0 PR Preview 2

Asa announced another round of candidate builds. Go and grab it!

We had to take one more important change into the builds last night, moving from a blacklist to a whitelist for external protocol handlers, so today's builds are the new candidate 1.0PR builds.

If all goes well with these builds, they'll become the official Firefox 1.0 Preview Release builds on Tuesday morning. Please help us test these bits and if you find any major regressions, please file bugs and nominate those as PR blockers with the bug flag "blocking-aviary1.0PR" so that the Aviary team will see.

About the external protocol handler thing, it seems to be this one:

Whenever a protocol is not handled by Firefox (i.e. by external application, in this case, telnet), it will ask you for permission, until the protocol is in the whitelist. Good! Another security feature.

While the current Promote Firefox under the Help menu shows us nothing, someone managed to get a working link via bart's weblog. This is just a beta site which will be moved to the main page soon.


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