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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bugzilla is NOT a discussion forum

Apparently, not everyone know that Bugzilla is NOT a discussion forum. A Bugzilla newbies Clint Hamilton has recently spammed bug 243324 because he thinks someone is pissing him off (and marking his bug as duplicate). His comments are simply amazing, especially those HIGHLY EMPHASIZED comments:

I AM a member of Mozillazine and THEY tell me to come HERE!! F**k this $h!t. Trying to learn about FF bugs isn't worth this BS. I've been browsing bugs here for DAYS and I see PLAIN CONVERSATIONS ALL THE TIME WITH basic Q & A on these threads, so don't tell me this is "not the place to ask questions"!! What hell do you think most do here?? What the hell do you expect me to do, just "browse and read" and that's IT???? But Oh noooooo, it's perfectly OK for ANYONE ELSE to ask questions, just not ME!!!! I've tried to be kind to you, but you are REALLY ON MY LAST NERVE!!!! NOW LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE JERK!!!!! YOU are the one making things worse with your condescending & holier than thou attitude!!! If *YOU* don't become a bit more diplomatic and understanding, and not so PROVOKING, it is YOU that will "eventually get revoked"!!! GET A LIFE AND STOP "TAGGING ALONG" behind me like a lost child!!!! What the HELL have I ever done to you!!??????

Know what he was talking about? I don't... :-/ And what's more annoying was that he even removed all the CC list because he didn't know how the CC list thing works! Oh my... Fortunately the list was restored quickly.

This issue is now over, so no more flaming. But I really want to see these useless comments removed. However, this cannot be done because it is not a bug but a feature.


Note that troll and spam comments will be deleted without any notification.

  • At 11/07/2004 03:52:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    he's a really funny guy
    he keeps complaining with an old version of firefox and apparently don't know what a bug reporting system is for :)


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