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Thursday, June 10, 2004

My first day with Firefox 0.9

I was using Firefox 0.9 RC yesterday for the whole day. Don't expect any big improvements, but here are something new:

New theme: Winstripe
Probably the most debatable change. Like it or not, it is now the default theme. As said before, I found it ok. Also I rarely use the toolbar anyway thanks to the mouse gesture.
New extension manager
Allow user to uninstall or update extensions, enter extensions' preference window, and view information about the extensions (e.g. homepage). The update server isn't up yet. Let's just wait for a few days.
Extension directory
All extensions are installed in your profile directory. I like this arrangement because some extensions force people to install them into the application directory. If you don't have the permission to write file to the application directory, then you can never install those extensions.
New theme manager
Nothing really special here.
Copy image to clipboard
Finally we can copy image to clipboard! Nice.
Delete selected location history
Sometime you may want to remove some (but not all) of the location history. Now you can do so by Shift + Del when you mouse over the location. Again, nice!
Finally Firefox has something like the HTML help in Mozilla Application Suite (Seamonkey), through I don't never it anymore.
Mail button
Firefox now have a mail button (but you need to add it yourself). But I found it not so useful...
Preview before setting wallpaper
Before setting an image as wallpaper, it now show a preview window and some options like stretch, tile and normal. But unfortunately there is a bug for "tile". The bug was filed at 4 April 2004 and still not fixed... T__T

I feel comfortable in this new release, except a bug that's annoying me (See my next post). Hope the newbies won't be really scared away from using Firefox just because of the new theme (I don't know so...).

P.S. Launchy (2.6.0, the latest version) stopped working in Firefox 0.9 RC. I filed the bug immediately. Hope this will be fixed asap because Launchy is really what I always use...

Edited: Oops... I found that someone have filed that bug already! Sorry for the duplicated bug report, Gemal...

Edited: Forgot to add this link: Neil has a better article than I.


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