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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Take this challenge!

Glutnix got a really great idea: The 5 Day Firefox Challenge. The detail is as follow:

Read Why you should change to Firefox and step up and accept the 5 Day Firefox Challenge! Here's the challenge:

Download and Install Firefox as your default browser. If after 5 days you're not convinced Firefox is the best browser available, uninstall it and switch back.

Firefox will import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer.

A Google search box is built in. And if you miss the full toolbar, download a Firefox version of the Google Toolbar.

Use the Tabbed Browsing functionality. Watch your productivity improve.

Subscribe to some Live Bookmarks, like the one on Slashdot or Wired News. See the Live Bookmarks RSS button appear on the toolbar when visiting your own favorite sites.

Play with Firefox. Get to know it. Have fun with it. If after 5 days, you're not completely convinced, feel free to switch back. There's not really any risk.

Are you ready to take this challenge? ;-)


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