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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Deer Park Alpha 1 candidate builds available

It is not supported to be widely spreaded, but if you are a developer, try Deer Park Alpha 1 candidate! It can co-exist with your Firefox 1.04 as it will be installed in a different location (but sharing the same profile). As I mentioned before, the 1.8 core where Firefox 1.1 is based on fixed some of the bugs I discovered earier when I implemented my final year project which is XUL-related. That includes:

  • Title is not displayed in remote XUL.
  • Scrolling of max-height'd menulist is flaky.
  • text-decoration: blink doesn't start or stop.
  • Favicon used in frame override favicon used in parent document.

The more complete changelog is also available. And if you are interested in Mozilla's implementation of SVG and using Windows other than XP, make sure you've downloaded the required GDI+, and simply extract the content to C:\Program Files\Deer Park Alpha 1 (the Deer Park Alpha 1 installation path). You're now ready to try those cool SVG demos, including the SVG Tetris!


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